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With all our diversity, we have a common thread.  We are all of one family.  One of the greatest lessons in this portion of life is how to build a family. 


Family begins with commitment between individuals to build a unity between members having a common bond.  Each heart brings its own definitions of how to live life.  We listen to their songs and how they harmonize.  If it is done well, this family unit builds a richer song, adding members to their family. 


Take the best of what was and what you learn from echoes of families past. Add the best of what you imagine, dream, and yearn for. Out of your new self, we become a larger, more diverse family. 


We are all of one family.  But well know it is a myth that just because we were born/adopted/married into a family, we know how to relate to them.


In ways experienced by all of us, families tend to drift apart.  In ways unexpected an unintended, we tend to hide the necessity to communicate or to spend our time and energy establishing and maintaining relationships with the intimate strangers who are your family. But the music lingers on deep inside.  We can do better.


Perhaps the greatest song of all, the one that shakes the universe and rebuilds families anew from their foundations, is the one that creates the true family as it was meant to be.  And out of the sharing between our individual families, we make a richer, more complete family.


This website provides one tool to assist in communicating between brothers, sisters, and each of our families.  It is not a panacea, but does provide a chance to unite and build our chorus together.

So, whether you are in the family you were born into, one you've given yourself to, or if you're trying again, give yourself room for growth, for humanity, for sharing.  And don't forget that part of the glory of a family lies in what you are given, as well as in what you give--so don't be afraid to accept the gifts of others in building a family together.

What is a family? It really isn't something you belong to, or something that fulfills certain social, biological, and economic function.  It's something that sings of your life.  It is one where you learn to harmonize with others.

So let the melody ring.  Sing your song, add your news, photos and share your birthday/event calendar.

You can write your family news, add photos, add to your family calendar and learn what's happening in other branches of your family tree.  Oh, yes, there are links to genealogical libraries so you can learn what you are made from and perhaps give thanks to those who have given you life and those who have given it meaning.

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