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Ruth Keown


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Ruth Keown

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I'd drop you a note and bring you up to date on Mom (Grandma).
It's been spring break here in Oregon this past week so on Thursday we took Mom out to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants.and brought her over to our house for the afternoon.  She had a great time, ate very well, took a little nap and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Attached you will find a couple of pictures of her.  I have a small flock of canaries (4 pair) and showed Mom the babies that have hatched so far this spring.   The orange baby in the picture is 2 weeks old, and the nest full - 4 of them - are 2 days old in the picture.  As you can see Mom was thrilled to see them.  You might remember that she had a canary for many years here in Gresham that she brought with her when she moved here from Utah.  She has always liked canaries so this was a special thing for her to see the youngsters.  She was able to pet them and see the parent birds care for the babies and watch the males sing.  It really brought a grin to her face! 
Overall, Mom is doing very well.  Gradually, she is getting more frail but her mind is still pretty good.  We notice some mix-ups from time to time, but at 85 years old, not too bad.  She seems to go through times where she is better than at other times.  There is a direct correlation as to how tired she is and how she is feeling and able to function at any particular time.  She gets frequent urinary tract infections and that plays havoc on her mental status, too.  Generally, her moods are upbeat.  She feels badly that she is not able to correspond as she once did.  The arthritis in her hands keeps her from writing many letters and I'm sure you have noticed that they are never long ones when she does write.  She thoroughly enjoys getting mail from you.  If you want, any emails you may send to her, we will print and take over to her.  Email "cards" never print out right so a regular email is best.
I'm sure Mom would like to join with us and pass along greetings for a wonderful Easter to you all.  Hopefully you are all doing well and enjoying special time with your families.
Nina and Chuck

Meeting a Chick 2 weeks old

Four Chicks in a nest - 2 days old












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