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Elbeonore Princess of Aquitaine 1121



Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffroy) Duke of Aquitaine 1026 - Link to Next Section

Hildegard Princess of France 1049



Hugues "Capet" King Of France 0939 - Link to Next Section

Adbelahide Princess of Aquitaine 952 - Link to Next Section

Guillaumne III Taillefer 947



Odo Count of Toulouse 869

Garsinde De Alby 874

Arsinde (Blanche) De Anjou 945



Ingelger I Count of Anjou and Orleans 845

Aelinde (Rescinde) De Amboise 844

Garnier Seigneur De Loches 844

Mrs Garnier Loches 848

Guillaumne IV Count of Tououse 1040



Raimond III Count of Toulouse 921



Raimond I Count of Toulouse 843

Bertha De Remy 845

Hermengild Comte De Alby 848

Garsinde Countess of Toulouse 926

Rotbold Venaissin 923

Ermengarde Countess of Provence 925

Mathilde Countess of Toulouse 1052

Boson II Viscount of Chatellerault 1050



Aymar De Lusignan 960

Mrs Aymar De Lusignan 964

Aleanor (Eleanor) De Thouars 1054



Savery III Viscount De Thouars (Tours) 955

Mrs Savery III Thouars 959

Barthelemy De L' Isle Bouchard 1049

Gerberge 1053