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About is all about making life easier for our family. It's a great way of communicating between family members in your life using the Internet and email. Keep in touch, share information, photos, and files. You can manage events and important dates using your calendar and web pages.

As a Family manager, you can decide who is allowed to add, edit, or delete site content. This gives you the ability to have a website you control or an interactive website allowing members to participate in the site content.  Any member of our family can set up and run family web pages using our toolset. It's quick and very easy to do!

Who can be a participating Family? invite families by invitation; truly members of our family.  When a marriage blesses our family, we invite that family to join in and strengthen our family ties.

Family Web Page Features:

  • Homepage: You can set up your home page with logos, images, welcome text (or use the a custom-created page using your instructions set up by
  • News area
  • Family Calendar (controlled by you) 
  • Contact information (primarily for family members).  You can also set up a page for the family to provide other contacts such as doctors, friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Photo albums (controlled by you.  You can also use a central set of albums having commonly used graphics such as family crests and graphics).  You can use other communication websites as well such as Facebook.
  • File  and story sharing -  a place to share your thoughts.  Family members can provide histories, poems, thoughts, and writings.
  • Surveys - controlled by family managers - this will be a soon-to-come feature.
  • links to websites that you'd like to share with others. 
  • management area (set member permissions, bad words filter, family managers, etc.)

Family web page content is privately controlled by a family representative (you can have more than one Family Manager).  Only those who have properly registered and been authorized by a website administrator are allowed to create, add/edit/delete web pages.  The designated Family Manager control can only be accessed by entering a valid username and password. 

Why should I use

Family websites are a great way of keeping in touch with family members.  Anyone writing letters and sending photos knows just how difficult it can be when attempting to communicate with the whole family.  Now you can stay in touch through the use of the web, saving endless phone calls and separate letters and emails.

You don't need to download any software or do any programming, and communications can be done just through email or the web or a combination of both. Editing functions are easy to use and understand so you benefit fully from your participation.  The web editor is similar to a word processor, click and edit calendar and easy to use photo album options.

How does it work?

Registering as a Family Manager about five minutes.  Once this information is received by the website administrator, your pages will be created, and your permissions will be set up.  You can then edit and maintain your basic web pages created for you by the website administrator.   You can instantly invite family, friends, colleagues, or anyone you would like to view your family pages.

Each Family has its own home page with all the latest family information.  Each Family has their own album to spread their latest photos.  Having a central, shared calendar means you'll never miss another birthday or event again.  Each Family has their own separate calendar to track their family happenings, events and schedules.

Sharing Photos

Sharing photos with the Group is easy to do. Depending on how permissions are set, members can add their own photo albums and pictures. You control who may add, edit, or delete pictures in photo albums.

Sharing Information

Sharing interesting news, contact detail, files and web links couldn't be easier.

Family Privacy

Families can be public or private (requiring members to login using their username and password, so only members of the family can see content posted on the website).  If desired, you can have a private and a public web page.  It is up to you.

Family Page Management

As a Family Manager you have complete control over how members of the Group may add, edit, or delete site content. In any Family, the Family Manager can appoint new or additional managers, so management can be shared.

Site Security

Your site is username/password protected so only your authorized Family Managers can edit your family site.

Family Cost and Storage Space is free.  Each family is asked to manage their web pages and albums.

Your FamilyTiez web pages

Now you know what is all about, why not try setting pages up for your family?  It's very easy and only takes about 5 minutes to register. It could make communicating with your family life much easier.

Register and create your own family website by contacting the Administrator or other Family Managers.